R, the Pirate with an Eyepatch! (eye_knead_name) wrote in eye_knead_icons,
R, the Pirate with an Eyepatch!


I'm sure by this point you've all heard of the earthquake that hit Haiti earlier this week. It's an absolute tragedy, and the people of Haiti need all of the help they can get.

help_haiti is a fandom auction--of art, fic, graphics, and more--to benefit the Haitian relief effort. I'm offering up some icons, but there are tons and tons of other things that are available; I encourage you to take a look around and consider bidding on something.

If anybody would like to donate to charities independently of the auction, Network for Good has an extensive list (thanks, happybydefault). Any watchers with ties to Haiti: you are in my thoughts. ♥
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