Icons by visual_icon and eye_knead_name

Icons by evilsource and eye_knead_name
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This is the icon and graphics community of eye_knead_name and evilsource. eye_knead_name is a high school student, looking to find any way to procrastinate. One of her favorite methods of procrastination is opening and playing with her copy of PaintShopPro 9. evilsource also enjoys procrastination. Her weapon of choice for said deviousness is Photoshop CS.

1) ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING. Our bandwidth is limited, and hotlinking will only kill it faster. We know you'd probably rather see an icon instead of 'Image hosted by Photobucket.com' or whatever. :P

2) Please credit. It's not that hard, and it only takes about two seconds extra seconds of your time. When crediting, please credit either evilsource, eye_knead_name, or eye_knead_icons. If you do not know how to credit, please check the FAQ.

3) When taking, please comment. Hey, even if you AREN'T taking, comment. :P We are comment whores enjoy getting comments. They help us see what people like, and help us grow as icon makers.

4) Don't claim these icons or graphics as your own. That's just... wrong.

5) Please don't change any of the icons or graphics. If they are textless, then they were meant to be textless. If you would like a specific sort of icon, you can always request it on the request post.

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